Cheat Crossfire Online Indonesia Special 16 Mei 2013 By : CFPRO


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Bila cheat tidak work, Silakan Download vcredist_x86.rar
Caranya : Install, Next dan Ceklis I aggree, Next,Next Finish

- Wallhack
- See Ghost
- Draw Bone Line
- Crosshair
- ESP Name
- Draw Bone Box 3D
- No Recoil
- No Reaload
- Fast Fire
- Delay Change Weapon
- Rapid Fire
- Fast Knife
- Round Knife 360
- Knife Range
- No Flash/Smoke
- Bag Hack Key : B
- No Knock Back
- Fly Hack
- No Damage Zone
- No Fall Damage
- Player Max Power
- Auto Restore HP
- Speed
- Speed Key : Shift - CTRL - Alt
- Weapon Drop Hack
- Visible Spy
- One Hit ZLM
- Aimbot : Head, Neck, Pelvis
- Visible Check
- Aimbot Key : L-Mouse, R-Mouse, Shift, CTRL

Cheat ini work tergantung FPS, bila FPS rendah cheat ini akan Client Erorr | Bila FPS Tinggi Cheat akan enak di pakai, dan tidak mudah terkena Client Erorr !
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